12 in 12 – A mini challenge

What is the point in having a blog site if you don’t post any blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought it was about time I started posting, and what better way than to start with telling you about a little challenge I’m undertaking with a couple of folks.

A few months ago one of Mrs A’s work colleagues mentioned a little challenge they were interested in doing of 12 Half Marathons in 12 Months. Being the crazy fool that I am, I said I would happily join him in this challenge, and from that our challenge was set. Mrs A’s sister also decided to join us.

Now, I know I used to run a fair bit but 2 1/2 years ago I suffered a meniscus tear in my knee which resulted in keyhole surgery being required. It took a good 6 months to start recovering from that – and I ended up needing a Cortisone injection to speed up the healing process. This also knocked my confidence for 6 (I know, it’s hard to believe that I could lack confidence……), so taking on this challenge was a big step for me.

Over the coming months I shall be blogging about the various races and my training sessions as well as any other events I decide to enter along the way – those that know me know I like a challenge or 2.

Races Booked in so far:

Jan – Farnborough Half

Feb – Thorpe Park Half

Mar – Fleet Half

Oct – Basingstoke Half

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy following me on my journey and please feel free to follow my blog


About djchunkster

Overweight 30 something, who gets a thrill out of running for some strange reason!!!!!!!
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