Uk Floods, A charity plea or not

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks you’ll know we are currently in the midst of some truly awful weather. This has caused many, many towns & villages to have their flood defences breached causing widespread disruption.
This disruption has led to many people being without homes and losing personal belongings.
The govt are finally acting and providing much needed financial support to the affected areas, however there’s is currently a call for charities like Comic Relief to donate their money to the flood victims.
Now, whilst this may sound like a good idea to some I personally feel this is wrong. This charity in particular raises money to help save lives in 3rd world countries as well as helping the terminally ill here in the UK.
Yes it’s devastating that there are many people that have lost their homes, but they still have a life and whilst it will be a struggle in the initial aftermath at least they know they’ll still be able to get a meal, have clean drinking water.
What I feel can be done is to set up a fundraising event (like they did in the US following hurricane Katrina). Let’s see if the powers that be can host a ‘Party In the Park’ style event with all proceeds going to flood victims. Those victims remember don’t just include humans, but many animals will have had their natural habitats destroyed also.
Finally, let’s hope those within the HMRC and the banking industry understand that businesses haven’t been able to operate and make allowances for Tax/NI/Loan repayments etc. The smaller, independent businesses will need as much help as possible to establish themselves again after weeks of non trading.



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